Yes, somehow we do have Frequently Asked Questions.

Is this for real?

Yes, you fucking idiot. We spent too much time, money & resources putting this shit hole of a website up to not get paid for it.

How does it work?

Click the buy button. Decide whose day you want to ruin & then enter their address.

What happens after I give you my money?

We'll vomit up a tonne of glitter & package it up with your recipient's address on the front of it.

Will the recipient know who sent the glitter?

Not unless you open your mouth.

Why should I pay you to send glitter to someone I hate?

First off, use your fucking imagination. We're going to be pouring a tonne of glitter into an envelope with a folded up piece of paper. You know what's going to happen when that fuckface opens the envelope & pulls out the letter? The craft herpes will be released & will go everywhere.